'Survivor: One World' Contestant Accused Of 'Poop Pants'

Sushi chef Jonas takes a hike, while elder statesman Tarzan continues to go off the deep end on this week's episode.

Tarzan is not only king of the jungle -- he's also king of the "poop pants." He certainly wouldn't own that title, but his companions on newly merged tribe Tikiano know better, having seen the 64-year-old plastic surgeon's dirty underwear up close, personal and in their precious pot of boiling water. Nasty.

But the eccentric Tarzan's filthy habits weren't filthy enough to buy him a one-way ticket out of [article id="1679309"]"Survivor: One World"[/article] this week. Instead, it was sushi chef Jonas who became the latest contestant voted out of the game, not because of any personal flaws -- indeed, it was widely agreed upon that his skills as a cook were a great asset to the tribe -- but because he was the biggest threat to win the game outside of the dominant alliance. Ultimately, Jonas' strengths became his fatal weakness.

Once again, we speak with two-time "Survivor" contestant Rob Cesternino about this week's episode, covering Tarzan's so-called "poop pants," Jonas' untimely demise and [article id="1681564"]life after Colton Cumbie[/article].

MTV: I really liked Jonas from the very beginning of the season; I thought he had potential to go deep into the game. I'm not sure now if Jonas was a good player with bad luck, or maybe he just wasn't a good player to begin with.

Rob Cesternino: Can't it be both? I mean, through most of the season, Jonas was just playing second fiddle to Colton. He said it himself: "I don't mind being Colton's bitch." Unfortunately, when Colton was out of the picture, it looked like Jonas was going to emerge and make a run of this thing. But there's not much he could have done. He was down in the numbers. He couldn't mount an effective strategy here with that being the case.

MTV: At this point in the merge, there are 12 people on the tribe. It's as good a time as any to get a big threat like Jonas off the field. But it also strikes me as a time where you can cut some of the dead weight, like Tarzan, from the tribe. Do you think the right choice was made: getting rid of the likable guy -- who's an excellent chef to boot -- over the annoying crazy person?

Cesternino: Absolutely. You want to get rid of the capable person because Jonas can win the game. Ideally, you want to grab Tarzan and do whatever you can to get him to the end of the game with you, just like a few seasons ago [on "Survivor: Redemption Island"] when Boston Rob took Phillip to the end with him. Jonas had a good chance to win, of everybody currently playing the game. I know it stinks for Jonas that he gets voted out, because now it looks like he's not as good at the game as some of the people who are still there, but that's not the case. You get rid of the people who are the threats to win, whenever you can, and you keep around the dead weight.

MTV: Tarzan really is one of those perfect final three candidates: He has zero chance of winning, at least in my eyes. But the alliance he's in is so thin at this point -- if you can even call it an alliance -- and the majority group in this tribe doesn't seem to have much interest in pulling him along for the ride. Of all the people playing the game, who do you think is the likeliest person to wake up and smell the coffee and decide to bring Tarzan to the end?

Cesternino: That person for me is Troyzan. He's with these women, and at some point, the lightbulb should go off: "I'm voting with these Salani women right now, but at some point, it's going to come down to them trying to get rid of me and Jay." I think Troyzan might be the guy who says, "Oh my god, Tarzan is getting on everybody's nerves, he's putting dirty underwear in everybody's water. This is the guy I need to go to the finals with."

MTV: It was a big week for Troyzan. He found an immunity idol, he won an immunity idol ...

Cesternino: Not only did he win individual immunity and find an idol, he also went on a reward! This is his island! He didn't get any of his underwear in the same pot of water with Tarzan, either. It was all on the up and up for Troyzan this week. [Laughs] I've liked him for a while on this show. I think he's starting to emerge as a guy who could go the distance. But it's really important for him to not just go to the finals with the status quo. He needs to make a move and switch things up. I did some math on this last night, and long story short, I think there are five women who are going to vote together until the end -- the younger girls with the alliance from the beginning -- and there are six people left who are not in that alliance, the five men plus Christina. With 11 people left in the game, I think this upcoming episode is the one where Troyzan needs to make a move.

MTV: It's interesting. The [article id="1681116"]Salani alliance[/article] seemed solid for a while, but already in this episode, you see cracks beginning to form. Do you think these new alliances are going to stick, or do you think we'll be back to men versus women before too long?

Cesternino: You know, I kind of feel they're going to stay tight for a while. I still kind of think Salani is going to go after Tarzan, and go after Leif, and then start to turn and take out a Michael. I think that's going to be what happens. But I'm hoping that's not what happens.

MTV: Yeah, that becomes the Kim and Chelsea show pretty quickly.

Cesternino: Yeah, it does. I'm hoping for whatever can happen to keep my man Tarzan in the game. I mean, what a night for Tarzan! Really, the whole last 20 minutes was the Tarzan show. I don't want to hear that this is strategy that he's doing, because he's just so perfect. What a great job by casting, finding this guy. I'm loving Tarzan. I'm thinking of plastic-surgery operations to get so that I can meet Tarzan in person.

MTV: Oh, man. [Laughs] I don't know that you want to trust yourself in that guy's hands, no matter how many degrees and licenses he has ...

Cesternino: Well, he's apparently an expert in microbes. [Laughs] I'm not concerned. I'll get on the operating table and let Tarzan open me up anytime. He has entertained me so much this season.

MTV: This was week one post-Colton. How do you feel about "Survivor: One World" without Colton?

Cesternino: I wasn't really missing Colton too much last night. There was so much going on with Jonas and Tarzan fighting, with Tarzan's "poop-gate," so it wasn't too bad of a first show without Colton. I think if we start getting rid of the big personalities like Tarzan, that's when you'll miss Colton as a viewer.

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