Is The Lonely Island About To Pull A Beyonce?

Andy Samberg teases his SNL hosting debut, discusses possible new songs.

Is The Lonely Island about to drop a surprise album on us? That might be a little bit of a stretch, based on the info we got when I caught up with one of their members at the FOX Upfront on May 12; but I can go out on a limb and say that out there, somewhere, the trio is working on something.

It all started while talking with Lonely Island member Andy Samberg's fellow "Saturday Night Live" alumnus Will Forte about his new show, "The Last Man On Earth." We'll have more on that soon, but I also asked Forte about whether there's any news on a "MacGruber 2."

The star was into the idea, but lamented that the major players in the first movie might not be able to reassemble for a sequel.

"We're all so busy," Forte said. "Like I'm busy doing this show right now, and Jorma [Taccone] is busy writing with The Lonely Island guys..."

I stored that item of information away for later, when I talked to "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" castmember Andy Samberg. After a few questions about the show, I asked Samberg about whether we'd be seeing a Lonely Island item, since we had heard he and Taccone were working on new songs.

"Who'd you hear that from?" Samberg asked back, surprised. I explained how Forte had dropped the info, and Samberg paused to think.

"Good for Will!" Samberg joked, sarcastically. "I'm so glad he said that."

Samberg continued, jokingly threatening to reveal secrets about the Forte family, before officially declining to comment. That doesn't mean they aren't working on new music, or an album, or possibly dropping some sort of big surprise in the future. Or not. Maybe they're just writing in their diaries, who knows?

Regardless, there's a chance we may get something new from The Lonely Island sooner, rather than later.

"They might come help me with SNL this week, we'll see," Samberg added, teasing his hosting debut on the May 17 season finale.

What do you think "The Lonely Island" are working on? Maybe a collaborative sandwich?