Wait -- Have We Been Rihanna's 'Bitch' This Whole Time?

The short answer is 'yes.'

Rihanna is known to sell things, and in turn, make that ca$h. She even has a song about it -- "Bitch Better Have My Money," anyone? As it turns out, Rihanna is even slyer than we give her credit for, and we've all been made a fool because of it. Within the past year, Rih's promoted a lot of things with her name attached to it: sneakers, socks, fragrances, magazine covers, etc., etc. And we've bought a lot of it. And guess what song plays in almost every accompanying promotional video. Yup -- "Bitch Better Have My Money."

Part of that is undoubtedly because Rihanna simply hasn't released any new music since April's "American Oxygen," and that's not the kind of track you use to peddle products. The other part is that there's just no better song (or celebrity, apparently) for peddling products than one that grabs you by the ankles and shakes out your pocket change like "BBHMM."

So, was this subliminal messaging always the plan? Have we been Rihanna's bitch this whole time? Judge for yourself.



Here, Rihanna moves around slowly while pictures of nature project onto her body and the instrumental to "BBHMM" plays, and she hopes you buy her creepers. And guess what. You did.

Puma with Travi$ Scott

Her second Puma video is a behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot she did with Travi$ Scott to promote the men's creepers. Sure, a Travi$ Scott song could have played here, but you don't feel indebted to him like you do to Rih.

Stance x Rihanna socks

For her first sock collection for Stance, she released an almost two minute long video of her directing the campaign shoot with the song playing as the soundtrack.

Stance x Rihanna holiday socks

And just because it's the holidays doesn't mean "BBHMM" is no longer applicable and Rih's about to trade it in for chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Your money is always applicable.

RiRi fragrance

First look at Rihanna, behind-the-scenes on the RiRi set! #ThisIsRiRi

Posted by Perfumes by Rihanna on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

In the first video it's revealed that those giant pink things in the ads are actually sleeves. While you may feel distracted by this, it's only for mere moments before that infectious instrumental catches your ear and you remember that you need to go out and buy "RiRi" ASAP.

RiRi fragrance, again

Just in: Here's another peek behind-the-scenes with Rihanna and RiRi. #ThisIsRiRi

Posted by Perfumes by Rihanna on Thursday, October 29, 2015

Her second BTS video of her fragrance campaign, which is primarily Rihanna sitting in the bathtub while pretending to talk on a landline, once again features that haunting beat that causes your wallet to fold open.

Fader cover

For one of her many magazine covers this year, Rihanna's shoot with Fader featured "BBHMM" while Rihanna posed and smoked and looked cooler than I ever have even when I've really, really tried. Like me, you felt connected to this cover and needed to know more. We're just the bitch and we have Rihanna's money -- but not for long before she gets it herself.

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