Watch Charli XCX Go From Prom Queen To Goth Girl In One Quick Strip

Charli's bringing full-on goth back at the 2014 American Music Awards. Not mad.

Charli XCX has been showing her punk colors lately, and tonight's AMA performance took it one step further. Though she teased us at first with a classic 1950's prom dress, cat-eye sunglasses (think 2008 Katy Perry) for her "Fault In Our Stars" soundtrack contribution "Boom Clap."

But then it was time to... "Break The Rules."

Out of nowhere, Charli stripped off the gauzy dress in one fell swoop to reveal a skin-tight, pleather goth get-up.

Goth cheerleader pyramid anyone?

She strutted all over the stage for the punk anthem, climbing on top of the drum set, partying with the some Juggalo-look-alikes and for her finale, crushing guitars and the entire sound system onstage.

I love it when she gets rowdy. My favorite part? The boob grab.

She's definitely feeling herself and I can feel my girl crush growing stronger. BRB, getting out my old black choker.

Watch a clip of the performance below:

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