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So DJ Khaled Got Stuck On A Jet Ski. Again.

You have to watch the latest adventure

The majestic mongoose and the conniving cobra. Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Uncle Rico and unrealistic expectations about the fourth quarter. These are some of the greatest rivalries of all time. However, one battle reigns above them all — DJ Khaled versus the jet ski.

At this point, Khaled and the aquatic vehicle have a fraught history. In December 2015, DJ Khaled infamously snapchatted the experience of getting lost at sea.

The ordeal arguably launched the DJ Khaled renaissance. Thankfully, the man who's given us countless keys has just released the sequel  — Khaled Wars: Return of the Jet Ski — to the original cinematic accomplishment. Yesterday (December 21), DJ Khaled posted the odyssey of getting trapped on the open waters as he ventured to Diddy's house. Here's what we learned.

Attack every day like DJ Khaled riding a jet ski

The story starts off innocent enough with Khaled having a marvelous maritime adventure.

The 🔑 is not to panic

The proceedings quickly turn dark as Khaled is trapped within a literal and symbolic thicket of despair. However, we do get the always appropriate advice from Khaled: "In life there's road blocks !!! The 🔑 is to over come it !!! Stay tuned !!!"

Suffering from success... and flesh wounds

The climax of the story is when our hero jumps into the water to try and free himself. Scratched, bruised, and bleeding, Khaled never gives up hope.

Return of the Khaled

After a battle for the ages, our intrepid mogul finally makes it to Diddy's house.

Bonus Material

Also, Drake shows up for some reason.

You can watch the whole adventure on DJ Khaled's Instagram.