'Black Widow' Has David Harbour Playing 'Alexei' And It Feels Too Soon, Honestly

We're still pouring out Slurpees

Just weeks after Stranger Things Season 3 debuted and introduced everyone's favorite Slurpee-loving scientist Alexei (Alec Utgoff), Marvel is introducing a new character that might have fans feeling some type of way.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Stranger Things Season 3.



Fans had to bid the Burger King-loving, snippy scientist farewell at a rather unexpected time during the show, and they definitely weren't okay with it. After being unceremoniously shot while proudly carrying back the prize he won during a carnival game, he passed away rather quickly, slumped against the side of a tent. It was an emotional scene, for sure.

And now, with the latest news surrounding the upcoming Black Widow-centric solo movie, those still mourning Alexei have to face something of a depressing Easter egg. It turns out David Harbour (yes, the same actor who plays Hopper in Stranger Things) is playing a character named Alexei Shostakov in the movie. You can't make that up.

Harbour's Alexei character, which is known as Red Guardian, is something like the Soviet equivalent of our beloved Captain America. Harbour has spoken on the character being in a "very different place in his life" in regard to the Guardian's position in the movie, but fans can't get over the fact that Harbour, of all people, is playing someone named Alexei.

Hopper was antagonistic to the scientist people refer to as "sweet" and "angelic," as he tried to work information out of him while simultaneously being forced to comply with Alexei's demands, including bringing him snacks and almost letting him make a vehicular getaway. So of course it stings a bit to see that a familiar face is not only bringing back a name that brings a tear to our eyes, but bestowing it upon another Stranger Things character.

But hey, we're just glad we've finally learned something about the Black Widow movie, including the fact that we can look forward to seeing it on May 1, 2020. Maybe by then the wounds on our heart left by losing baby Alexei will have finally healed.

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