Kristen Stewart's Love Scenes with Nicholas Hoult Were 'Hobbit'-Like

Hoult explains why his 'Equals' costar's height made things difficult.

Nicholas Hoult fans, you're in luck -- though the actor's romantic "X-Men: Days of Future Past" scenes with his real life ex Jennifer Lawrence were cut, the actor will definitely get steamy with another YA fave, Kristen Stewart, in his upcoming film "Equals."

However, as MTV News learned when we sat down with Hoult to discuss his latest film, "Young Ones," shooting love scenes with Stewart proved to be a bit tricky for the up-and-coming actor -- due to his 6'3" stature, of course.

"I based the character loosely on Quasimodo at times," Hoult, who was up against the 5'5" Stewart, said with a laugh. "It's a love story, but it's kind of like how they shot 'The Hobbit.'"

All jokes aside, Hoult added that working with Stewart made "Equals," which will hit theaters in 2015, a pleasure to film.

"Working with her and [director Drake Doremus], I never panicked," he said. "A lot of time going to set, I panic. I sit there and I'm like, 'Oh, what have I got to do?' I never panicked on ['Equals']. I'd just turn up and be like, 'Well, I know that these guys have got it, so they'll get me through.'"

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