The Ultimate Letdown: This Man's 'Catfish' Refused To Meet Face-To-Face

In a series first, Mathan never got to see his online love

If you think a Catfish episode with nary a resolution would be a snoozefest, you’re dead wrong: On this week’s installment, a young man never came face-to-face with his online paramour --she was the first no-show in the series’ history -- but there was still enough jaw-dropping drama to keep us glued to the screen.

Mathan, from Los Angeles, had met a girl named Leah way back when he was just 13. Their online chatting turned to texts, phone calls and, as Mathan put it, an “amazing connection” that had the two talking about marriage.

But Leah was shady -- she’d only meet up if Mathan paid for her flight (he didn’t), and she’d never FaceTime. Even worse, she’d disappear for weeks or even months at a time.

“She’s in jail,” said Kamie Crawford, aka this week’s returning guest sleuth. Turns out, Kamie wasn’t that far off base.

When she and Nev sat down to investigate, they found earth-shattering intel, including a news article that said Leah had once delivered a baby “without [the help of] doctors.” According to the article, the then-16-year-old “reportedly left her home over a year ago, [and] police now believe she may have given birth while on heroin.” Another article trumpeted the headline, “Baby still missing … teen mother booked into juvenile justice center.” And finally, a newscast videoclip focused on the “desperate search” to find Leah’s baby girl.

Kamie’s reaction: “My heart just dropped to my butt.”


But wait, Kamie, there was more: Mathan later checked Leah’s Facebook and saw that she’d just posted a special message to her boo (and no, we don’t mean Mathan). “I love my man so much & I’m so glad you’re finally out of jail!” it read.

Yes, really.

Meanwhile, the only person who could get a hold of Leah was her sister, Jasmine, who promised to convince Leah to meet Mathan at a local café. But when it came time for the face-to-face, Jasmine arrived alone.

“I couldn’t get her to come,” she said. “She chose to stay there with her boyfriend.”

For his part, Mathan washed his hands of Leah, sending her one final text. “This will be the last message I’ll ever send you,” it began. “You’ve made me promises, left me hanging, and lied to me multiple times, and I still forgave you. But this time, I’m completely done for good.”


And he meant it: Two months later, Mathan reported he’d never contacted Leah again and was even dating a new girl. But do you think Leah will come out of the woodwork and contact him? Or does she know Mathan is completely through with her? Tell us your thoughts, then catch another Catfish Wednesday at 8/7c.

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