Dave Franco Talks 'Warm Bodies,' Auditioning For Edward Cullen

We're not sure we could see anyone but Robert Pattinson playing Edward Cullen, but our little hearts go pitter-patter at the thought of Dave Franco climbing into our window at night. Don't act like that wasn't the first thing you thought of, too. With his hazel eyes and chiseled jaw, we'd totally let him bite us. And you know what? Kristen Stewart could've had that very opportunity because Dave auditioned for the role of the dazzling vampire.

"I tested for Edward Cullen. I don't know how close I was. I read for Catherine Hardwicke, but who knows," the actor told MTV News when we caught up with him on the set of "Now You See It." "I mean, maybe there were still hundreds of kids left reading for Catherine Hardwicke."

So, did he think he had a shot at playing our beloved Edward? "No. No, no, no," he said with a laugh. "At this point, I still don't know what I'm doing. At that point I was in over my head."

Dave's acting career has long lived in the shadow of his older brother James Franco's film achievements. But with the success of "21 Jump Street," Dave is ready stand in his own spotlight.

Particularly with his role in "Warm Bodies"--the film adaptation of the zombie romance penned by Isaac Marion. Dave said he was a little hesitant to take on the role at first because a zombie movie is nothing new. But it seems luck was in our favor as working with the movie's director, Jonathan Levine, persuaded him.

"He's like a little kid on set. When you do a take that he really likes he'll literally jump out of his chair, run at you pumping his fist and he just makes you feel so safe... He's so great and he brought his own take on it. It's completely unique from any other zombie movie anyone's ever seen," Dave explained.

Also starring in the flick is "X-Men: First Class" star Nicholas Hoult, who plays R, the romantic undead lead. "He doesn't really speak the whole movie, he only grunts and moans, but when he does speak it's in his voice over and it's very eloquent and poetic. So, it's a weird character that if done incorrectly could completely be a miserable disaster, but Nicholas is so subtle and amazing," Dave gushed. "That's enough about him, but he's the best."

Do we smell a bromance?

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