Vinny Guadagnino Just 'Killed It' In His Off-Broadway Debut

The former 'Jersey Shore' star is appearing in 'That Bachelorette Show.'

Vinny Guadagnino is proving he's a man of many talents: This Saturday night, the former "Jersey Shore" star debuted in the off-Broadway play "That Bachelorette Show."

The performance isn't your usual comedy production: While DJs AndrewAndrew spin fist-pumping favorites, eligible bachelors vie for audience votes against one another -- slowly being eliminated until one remains. For the next month, Vinny is taking up the role of "Giovanni," a suitor and ex-boyfriend of main character "Adriana Orlando" (played by Fox News' Joanne Nosuchinsky).

Amy Kirsten Hall Photo

Following his initial appearance, the show tweeted a photo of the self-described "mama's boy," writing, "Vinny killed it last night as our new bachelor! #JerseyShore @VINNYGUADAGNINO #thatbachshow #bachelor."

Vinny also posted the photo to his Instagram account. "Yup this happened last night at my new play @thatbachshow #offbroadway #nyc #limitedtime #comeseeme #playingacharacteriswear #guidothough." Looking good in that tank top, V!

Check out a cast shot of Nosuchinsky, Guadagnino and AndrewAndrew below -- and be sure to catch the "Shore" king in the Big Apple event through November 2.

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