The Wanted Find The Dark Side In 'I Found You' Video

New clip takes the band's bad-boy status to a new level.

At long last, the Wanted have dropped the new video for their single "I Found You," a wait that seemed unbearable according to the frantic tweets from fans, but the video was officially delivered to the masses Monday (October 15) via the band's Vevo channel.

The clip shows the very sharply dressed British boys in a very different light, via an almost film-noir-style video directed by Chris Marrs Piliero (the maestro responsible for Britney Spears' "I Wanna Go" and Ke$ha's "Blow" vids).

If you thought the vampire story line in their [article id="1683818"]"Chasing the Sun" video[/article] was dark, their work in "I Found You" is on a whole other level. At first, we think we're watching the guys on a rescue mission to find a pretty lady who Nathan Sykes became acquainted with in a flashback party scene. We see the guys take down all the lady's captors in a well-choreographed fight sequence, and just when we think the boy and girl will meet again and live happily ever after, the boys throw us a twist we did not see coming during Nathan's powerful and sensual bridge. He enters the room where his lady friend is being held with a gag on her mouth and tape on her ankles and we think we're going to watch him be the hero and save the damsel in distress but no, instead he steals a small key from her, gives her a goodbye kiss and leaves the room.

As it turns out, the key opens a metal box -- which the boys retrieve from its hiding spot at the bottom of a lake -- full of diamonds or some other expensive jewels. The final shot shows us five very satisfied faces ... of jewel thieves. Perhaps the band really is trying to push the envelope and maintain the party-boy image, but with an edge.

"This song is a little bit different for us, it's a little bit retro," Jay McGuinness told MTV News of the new single. "But we obviously still have the Wanted party feel [like we're] at a club."

"The chorus is a bit Cee Lo Green-esque, a bit Bee Gees as well," Tom Parker explained of their decidedly higher-pitched singing. "There's a falsetto in the chorus, but in the verse, it's still got that swagger that the Wanted usually have."

"It's about finding someone, whether it be in the rain, in the darkness," Siva Kaneswaren added. "It's about being lost, but found."

Battleground is due November 4.