Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn Enjoy A Very Public Date At The Golden Globes

The internet is not OK

2020 is already off to a great start, and we partially have Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn to thank. The adorable and notoriously private couple attended the 2020 Golden Globes together on Sunday (January 5), and once photos of the happy duo sitting together hit the internet, a social media frenzy quickly ensued.

If you're wondering why this is such a big deal, allow us to fill you in. Swift first met The Favourite actor back in 2016, and in May 2017, reports began to surface that the two were dating. When Swift's Reputation album came out in November 2017, there were several songs on the LP that were rumored to be about Joe, including "Gorgeous" and "Delicate," among others. And let's not get started on Swift's latest album, Lover, which is basically made up entirely of odes to her "London Boy."

Long story short, Swift hasn't shied away from writing songs about her longtime boyfriend. However, the couple has made a concerted effort to not be spotted or photographed together (seriously, paparazzi have only caught them together a handful of times). But now, it seems like the Taylor and Joe content draught is finally over, and it's safe to say Swifties are losing it.

Clearly, this isn't just a monumental moment for Swift and Alwyn's relationship, but for the entire Swiftie fandom. But can you really blame the fans? After all, they've been waiting patiently (for literal years) to see Swift and the "King" of her heart interact with each other in real time. And though this is the first public date night for the couple, we think we can speak for everyone when we say we hope it's not the last.

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