Remy Ma Declares Nicki Minaj ‘Deceased’ On Scathing New Dis Track

She takes a page out of Drake’s playbook on ’Another One’

Well, it was only a matter of time before this happened.

A week after Remy Ma unleashed her scathing dis track “shETHER,” the Bronx MC returns with more heat and more shots fired at her arch nemesis, Nicki Minaj. On Thursday evening, Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex premiered “Another One,” which calls out Nicki for failing to respond and references the Pinkprint rapper’s recent video shoot with Future.

“I guess now you know who the head bitch is / I’m a savage, I be killing dead bitches / I bet you wish you ain’t never said shit,” Remy furiously raps. “Now they so busy shooting videos, I’m like nah / Where the fuck is your song? / I mean come on.”

Whereas “shETHER” used Nas’s “Ether” as reference, “Another One” clearly echoes the flow that Drake used to body Meek Mill on “Back to Back,” his second and most successful Meek dis track.

As expected, the cover art for Remy’s new track is anything but subtle. It features Nicki’s bloody body laying in the street atop her Pinkprint album, with the word “deceased” stamped over her. You know, just in case the message wasn’t clear. Will it be enough to get Nicki to respond? The clock’s ticking...

In the meantime, listen to “Another One” right here.