Placebo On The Importance Of Being Bowie

Since the release of its debut album two years ago, the sexually-charged, Brit-based group Placebo has developed an association of sorts with rock's reigning chameleon, David Bowie.

Bowie openly touted Placebo and its self-titled first record in the U.K. press, which drew comparisons between Bowie's ambisexual glam-era personas and Placebo's fierce, though ambiguously-themed music. After serving an opening stint on Bowie's '96 European tour, Placebo was tapped to perform at the Thin White Duke's 50th birthday concert in New York last year.

The group also scored a cameo scene (and soundtrack appearance) in the rockudrama "Velvet Goldmine," Todd Haynes' new film that features characters and story elements loosely based on David Bowie and Iggy Pop's '70s creative union.

Placebo was in New York earlier this month to perform at a label showcase, and afterwards MTV Online talked with the band about it's thoughts on Bowie and his ability to remain musically relevant.

[article id="1440486"]"David Bowie has never really been stuck in a rut,"[/article] said Placebo frontman Brian Molko, [article id="1440486"]"maybe apart from a bit of a dodgy sort of late '80s period, but apart from that he's always searched to reinvent himself and that's always been the impetus for what he does.

He recognizes quality in new music,"[/article] Molko continued, [article id="1440486"]"and obviously because he's not dead artistically, he wants to sort of like take the best of what he likes that's around and try to do it on his own way. That's why he's survived and which is why he's still a relevant artist -- and which is why he's still somebody you have to respect.

He's definitely not scared to push the boundaries,"[/article] added drummer Steve Hewitt, [article id="1440486"]"that's why he's still prepared to put out new music. Obviously he gets a lot of flack for it, cause people are like, 'Oh

you're old, you're past it.' But you know, he's doing it." [28.8 RealVideo][/article]

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