We Have A Million Questions About Justin Bieber’s New Dance Video

A new video clip shows Justin dancing to a (presumably) new song. We're intrigued.

Justin Bieber's reinvention continues to perplex us in the best way possible.

On Friday, the singer shared the complete, enigmatic cover art for his upcoming fourth album, Purpose, designed by LA artist Retna. And Sunday night, Bieber kept the teases coming, posting a quick Instagram clip showing him executing a dance move with choreographer Nick DeMoura.

"It it too late to say I'm sorry now? @nickdemoura," Bieber wrote in the caption.

It sounds very much like Justin sings those lyrics -- "Is it too late to say I'm sorry now?" -- in the recording he dances to. We can guess, then, that this is a brand-new track, likely one that will be included on Purpose when it drops Nov. 13.

DeMoura is a highly accomplished choreographer who's worked with Bieber extensively, including on his Believe tour and subsequent concert film.

Purpose also features production and engineering credits by Chris "Tek" O'Ryan, who said on Instagram he's "[w]orked on pretty much every song [Justin]'s done since he started!" As such, Justin poured his collaborator a glass of red wine (and one for himself), and the two posed for a shot at the mixing board at Conway Recording Studios in LA.

"Always a gentleman, he poured me a glass of red and let me know I was appreciated. Moments like these put all the hard work into perspective. And yes, the album is incredible!," O'Ryan wrote in the caption.

Justin also shared a puzzling image of him in a mesh shirt, seated at the right hand of some kind of blonde masked goddess -- a borderline medieval portrait we can only take to be a screen shot from an upcoming video. But maybe not. We don't know.

MAYBE it's even a still from the video to the song that features the lyrics above? We don't know, man. We want to know, though. Real bad. I suppose we'll find out on Nov. 13.

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