Cam'ron And Vado Talk 'Boss Of All Bosses 2.5,' 'Speakin Tongues'

'The song is about partying, living the Harlem life,' Vado tells 'Mixtape Daily' of his breakthrough single.

Don't Sleep: Necessary Notables

Headliners: Cam'ron and Vado

Co-Starring: DJ Drama

Mixtape: Boss of All Bosses 2.5

Songs We Can't Stop Playing: "Speakin Tongues," "I Don't Believe N---as" (featuring Fabolous) and "Amberlamps"

Essential Info: If you haven't heard Vado's "Speakin Tongues" yet, find the MP3 on the Net or go to the club tonight. The record is going to be a summer anthem. The Cam'ron-assisted cut could be the young Harlem spitter's breakthrough single.

"I don't know what nobody thought," Cam laughed last weekend in Atlanta when asked about the song. "It's me. This is what I do for a living. But shout to Vado. It's his record. He got the beat and all that. I was like, 'Nah, we gotta put that out immediately.' "

"The song is about partying, living the Harlem life. Ballin'. You already know," Vado added.

Everyone is talking about that [article id="1638342"]long-awaited Diplomats reunion[/article], which Cam and Jim Jones are still trying to work out now, but Killa isn't waiting. He's still focused on his new clique.

"Let me break it down: We're the U.N. That's the name of the team," Cam described. "The U.N. is 'Us Now.' We got an album coming out in August that's gonna be stupid. Vado's solo joint, look towards December [for that one]. But I want everybody to be focused on that U.N. album, 'cause when that comes out, it's gonna be bananas. Stupid. This August. ['Speakin Tongues'], this is the first single off of it."

As of now, the U.N. is officially just Killa and Vado; they have three other artists who are down with them but not signed. Cam and company have 10 videos coming to the Web in the next several days, including "Ooh Baby" "Large in the Streets" and "Stop It Five." Vado is going to put out his solo mixtape with DJ Drama, Slime Flu, soon, and that brings us the business at hand: Boss of All Bosses 2.5.

"At first, it was like the lost tapes. Tracks that were throwaways, then we added more flavor to it," Vado explained.

"What happened with the 2.5," Cam clarified, "we gave Drama maybe 25 songs [for Boss of All Bosses 2]. He was like, 'You might as well come back with 2.5 in two weeks.' But we were doing so much new music, we might as well call it 4.8. It's crazy. It's about 20 songs."

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