14 K-pop Songs To Listen To When You’re Feeling Fiery This Aries Season

From BTS to Monsta X, these songs will help you channel your impulses and manifest your desires

By Tássia Assis

Feeling something different in the air? The spring equinox took place last week on March 20, and with it a new astrological season also began. Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, brings a much welcome energy shift after a month under Pisces’s hazy influence (not to mention Mercury Retrograde) and fires our engines for a blooming new start.

Aries are known for being energetic, assertive, encouraging, adventurous, and attuned to physicality. They love to get things going and are rendered the pioneers of the Zodiac for their relentless enthusiasm and bold attitude.

However, all that flaming energy can burn. Aries is represented by the ram, and often embodies the animal’s heads-on approach to anything crossing their path. Many natives of the sign are known to act on impulse, and their infamous short temper can burn bridges in the blink of an eye. It’s not that they do it on purpose, but Aries — in their swift, ready-to-go mindset — has a tendency to run over important steps, and leave the impression of being confrontational and tactless.

The upcoming weeks offer a perfect opportunity to channel Aries’s enthusiasm and start manifesting our desires with their characteristic boldness and charm. But it’s also a time to tune in to our anger and think twice before setting entire rooms ablaze. Here is a K-pop playlist to ignite their powerful energy within you:

(Lyrics via Color Coded Lyrics)

Bom, "Spring"

After years in hiatus due to an alleged "drug smuggling" controversy, Bom (whose name also means "spring" in Korean) couldn’t have chosen a better time for her comeback. The singer, an Aries herself, holds the sign’s characteristic drive despite adversities and now enjoys well-deserved recognition in this new phase of her career. While tinted with winter melancholy, the soft R&B track brings genuine Aries wisdom: No matter how much you suffered, a new beginning can always blossom.

Biggest mood: "Spring will be there for me / Beautiful flowers / When this cold wind passes / When my heart melts down / Spring again / Will Spring come to my heart again."

B.A.P, "Warrior"

The recently disbanded B.A.P had two Aries in its lineup: Yongguk and Himchan. The former worked as a writer and producer for a significant part of the group's discography, and many of the sign’s characteristics shaped B.A.P’s unique sound. Yongguk was also a skilled leader — another Aries trait — and nowadays develops his talents through a soul-baring solo career. "Warrior," with its aggressive mix of hip-hop, socially conscious lyrics, and groundbreaking choreography, was an unforgettable K-pop debut, and it still influences boy groups today. Aries is not only known as a trendsetter, but also as a warrior, and this release couldn’t translate it better. There is no time to catch a breath as the song’s hard-hitting elements put us right in the battle ring, ready to fight for our beliefs like Aries natives do.

Biggest mood: "Warrior / Lose yourself under the sun / Start a fire in my heart / Warrior / A little faster than a bullet / Pierce into your heart."

Blackpink, "Playing with Fire"

Blackpink is home to Lisa, a fiery Aries whose confidence and charisma never cease to amaze. In "Playing with Fire," the group channels the sign’s blazing energy quite literally to present a more passionate side of the rams. Between fire pillars and risky rendezvous, the girls sing about the dangers of a burning love. While Aries might seem careless at first, they do hold intense feelings that can quickly set a metaphoric arson. Hence, the warning not to play them is fitting — without careful management, everything might get caught up in flames.

Biggest mood: "My love is on fire / Now burn baby burn / Playing with fire / My love is on fire / So don’t play with me boy."

SF9, "Now or Never"

Is there a better motto for Aries impulsiveness than "Now or Never"? In this dark and mysterious club anthem, SF9 eagerly place all their bets on a heated passion. The use of gambling dice and backgammon boards throughout the visual reinforce the competitive lens through which Aries often see the world. Aries hate to lose, especially when something — or someone — they want is on the line. Of course, that behavior leads to unpleasant consequences that the rams will inevitably have to face — but that’s a whole other story.

Biggest mood: "I did it / Oh, there was no time so I did it / Baby, I did it right there / Oh, I put everything on the line, I did it."

Kara, "Lupin"

Kara’s "Lupin," one of 2010's greatest hits, marked the group’s introduction to a more mature concept. With its unforgettable synths and brisk tempo, the song galvanizes a desire to take over the world in the most Aries way. The rams love to be No. 1, no matter what it takes. That’s when their inner warrior comes out and, equipped with laser focus, relentlessly works to claim what they want. (As the chorus says, "It’s mine.") This powerful drive is certainly one of the sign's most inspiring blessings, and we can all use some of that energy in our daily lives.

Biggest mood: "Now go out carefully, one by one / Put the pieces of the world together / Do you want something special, do you want it to be yours? / Start now."

Pentagon, "Runaway"

With three Aries in their lineup — Jinho, Hongseok, and Yeo One — Pentagon is another group that radiates the sign’s energy. "Runaway" builds up slowly but confidently, in preparation to "run into the fire." The choreography is another highlight of this release, powering up and taking space to fill the subdued instrumental chorus. In fact, the very need to get active by running is quite Aries, as they can’t stand on the sidelines for too long and yearn to do things. While "Runaway" is not exactly a battle chant like B.A.P’s “Warrior,” it revels in being a compelling build-up to the clashes Aries loves to partake in.

Biggest mood: "I’m a player that goes high / I don’t need pressure / But even if you block me / I stand up / Live, live / I’m living the life I wanted."

Yezi, "Cider"

Yezi, who was part of the girl group Fiestar, gained popularity for her raw performances and blunt personality during Mnet's Unpretty Rapstar 2 in 2015. Following her elimination, she released the single "Cider" and could not have depicted a more accurate Aries tantrum (despite being a Virgo). The angry lyrics boast about the dishonesty of the industry, and the music video is supposedly a jab towards the network, with the rapper tearing scripts and throwing paint at Unpretty Rapstar's neon logo sign. Anger is a key emotion to Aries, and Yezi has no constraints tuning in to it to set fire with heated verses — all in the name of her true beliefs.

Biggest mood: "Who cares about others? Why do I have to be careful? / I’m the one who gets the results and the compensation / So I’ll do what I want."

Mino, "Body"

Mino is another mighty Aries to spice up the K-pop landscape. His solo single "Body" is a '90s-inspired hip-hop track that oozes sensuality, just like his own persona. As mentioned before, Aries is a fire sign, and many of its natives let that heat drive them to lascivious indulgences. The music video for "Body" depicts these "drunk in lust" vibes through red hues, actual fires, steamy showers, and daring kiss scenes that you don’t see often in K-pop — a truly Aries way of making an impression.

Biggest mood: "I’m talkin’ about your body / Talkin' about your legs / Talkin' about your lips / Talkin' about your / From your head to your toes."

After School, "Bang!"

If there's one thing that the rams can be proud of, it's that they don’t shy away from challenges. After School seems to have learned that lesson, as they’ve notoriously exceeded themselves time and again in the name of audacious concepts. It took the group five months to perfectly execute "Bang!"'s marching band concept, but the result certainly paid off. The release is a straightforward remark of their dedication, as well as a display of their strong leadership and mood-setting abilities. The typical Aries confidence of this song is contagious, and it's impossible not to feel a little bit more encouraged after listening to such an enthusiastic track.

Biggest mood: "T.R.Y. Do it now / Can you follow me? Yes, uh-ha / T.R.Y. Pick it up / You’ll never catch me, oh no."

BTS, "Danger"

One of Aries’s most lousy traits is their tendency to talk before thinking. This can result in harmful misunderstandings. For some, "Danger" is a rather controversial BTS single, as its lyrics call to mind an aggressive past image the group abandoned long ago. However, the single effectively depicts an Aries reaction when they don’t work on their emotions before firing a stream of words. In “Danger,” dark, dynamic sounds blend with the group’s sharp choreography and angsty acting — much like a bomb ready to explode. Fortunately, while Aries is quick to burn, they’re also quick to regret, apologize, and attempt to do it better next time.

Biggest mood: "Are you joking? What am I to you? / Am I easy to you? Are you playing with me? / You’re in danger right now, why are you testing me? / Why are you testing me? Stop confusing me."

2Ne1, "Fire"

Almost 10 years ago, YG's 2NE1 had one of the most iconic debuts in K-pop. With its powerful electro and hip-hop mix, "Fire" was a bold shot so skillfully produced that it remains fresh even now. The quartet’s characteristic girl-crush charisma shines through as if they were seasoned performers, and it’s evident why their contribution was so remarkable to the industry. "Fire" is a caffeine shot guaranteed to wake you up and start things with a bang — just like an Aries would.

Biggest mood: "I have a rather big dream dream dream / Cause I can do whatever I want with the world / For the great freedom tonight, tonight."

Ateez, "Desire"

Ateez is a fierce group, and most of their releases fit well with the blazing energy of Aries. However, it’s the b-side "Desire" that owns the sign’s ardor in a rarely seen way. Starting unassumingly with a futuristic groove and Yunho’s beautiful falsetto, the track gradually develops into a soaring inferno, bursting with Hongjoong and Mingi’s ravenous raps as a metaphor for the all-consuming nature of longing. It’s a masterpiece that acknowledges how important it is to honor and love our own desires.

Biggest mood: "My eyes are full of desire / My heart is full desire / The end of this tremor is unpredictable / I love my desire."

Seventeen, "Getting Closer"

Seventeen are better known for their bright releases than for unleashing their dark side. However, the 13-member group excels in both, and "Getting Closer" is a fresh example of the latter. The countless clocks in the visual foreshadow a sense of urgency: The single is an exhilarating journey sure to leave one breathless, like the song's Korean title. From the literal room on fire to the lyrics tinged with desperation and the powerhouse choreography, the energy of Aries is infectious on this release, shooting us closer to anything we want with indelible power.

Biggest mood: "Breathlessly, breathlessly / Breathlessly I want you / This dance, you’re getting closer."

Monsta X, "Fighter"

Monsta X are another group that fits Aries’s tough archetype. Their discography is filled with hammering beats and intense raps, but there’s also a touch of drama and some good old heroism for good measure. "Fighter" embraces all of those aspects for an important cause: love. The release is a sundry blend of '80s rock and aesthetic influences like Netflix’s Stranger Things and The Matrix. While this experimental profusion can border on too much, Monsta X make the best of it with their charming narrative and get-going attitude. At their best, Aries can truly be the relentless heroes we need, trailblazing and setting trends with authentic leadership — and it’s that same energy that will inspire you to fight for your desires this season.

Biggest mood: "I laid everything down / I have nothing to lose / I’m ready, from now on, fight for love / This heat is getting hotter and hotter."