Which Shade Of The Skittles Rainbow Is Carly Aquilino's Hair Now?

Call her 'Girl Code''s resident prism.

No shade of the rainbow is safe so long as Carly Aquilino has access to hair dye.

The "Girl Code" star, who recently experimented with a cotton candy 'do, decided to switch up her mane once more on Monday ("Just put dye on my head. Hope this color works out well otherwise I'm dying it black n never going back," she warned on Twitter). Sadly, her message seemed to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, as she posted "MY HAIR LOOKS LIKE SH**" not soon after. But did her tresses turn out as terribly as she claimed they had?



Not in our opinion!

Last night, after a set at the University of Arizona, a few devoted C-Aq fans posted photos with the comedienne, and her new orange-fireball 'do illuminated each shot. And if the hue is sh** by Carly's standards, then we should recede into a cesspool after our latest trips to the salon. Don't be so critical, Carl!



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