Finnish Producer Yotto Zones Out With ‘Cooper’s Cup’

The 'Twin Peaks'–inspired song rides out on a leisurely groove

Last month, the Finnish house producer Yotto released a song called “Cooper’s Cup” that's perfect for our current moment of refried nostalgia. The title is a reference to FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper's coffee habit on the '90s cult show Twin Peaks, but that's ultimately misleading — Yotto’s striking synths recall the brooding mood of a John Carpenter soundtrack, or beloved 1980s throwbacks like Netflix's current hit Stranger Things, more than anything from Lynch's world.

“Cooper’s Cup” is technically a deep house track, but it sounds closer to the work of the German rock band Tangerine Dream. Instead of building to a peak, it stomps and rumbles for its over eight-minute run time, with every thunderous synth strike and new keyboard melody interjecting a jolt of energy. This isn't music to set a dance floor ablaze. Where Yotto's first Twin Peaks–themed song, “The Owls,” was an uplifting trance track that could have worked as a heroic TV theme, “Cooper’s Cup” feels more likely to fall into the background of a closing credits sequence.

Those stylistic differences played out on Friday at the Electric Zoo Festival in New York City, where Yotto was one of the more mellow acts, compared to Felix Jaehn’s melodic house on another side stage or the familiar bangers on the mainstage. His performance, much like “Cooper’s Cup,” didn't bother with heavy drops or left-field song choices to send the crowd into a frenzy: It was the kind of set where fans swayed to the music rather than leaping or shouting. Electronic music festivals thrive on cacophony and chaos, but Yotto showed there's a place for restraint, too.