Miley Cyrus Ignites Engagement Rumors With A Very Sparkly Selfie

Polka dots won't distract us, Miley.

At the very beginning of 2016 -- like three days into it -- Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were reportedly hanging out again in Australia, sparking an onslaught of ~will they or won't they~ inquiries.

Well, based on a recent Instagram post from Miley, it seems as though the duo is still getting along well. Maybe even reallllly well.

On Monday (Jan. 18), Miley shared a photo of a strawberry-inspired look she was wearing in the bathroom. While it's easy to be distracted by the very loud polka dot look, fans immediately noticed that, um, Miley was wearing a ring on her left ring finger. Oh, and, it just happens very closely resemble the engagement ring she received from Liam in 2012.

Though this doesn't confirm whether, in fact, Miley and Liam are back on, it definitely suggests that things are heating up again. Either that or Miley knows a good accessory when she sees one -- we're so down with either scenario.

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