NBC Is Creating A 'Law & Order' Reality Show And We Have So Many Questions

Wait, a "Law and Order" 'what?'

"Law and Order" prides itself on story lines that are ripped from today's headlines, but now the iconic TV franchise has gone a step further -- and this time, they want your help.

Yesterday, NBC announced plans for a new reality series developed by Dick Wolf and "Magical Elves," the producers for "Top Chef." Called "Law And Order: You The Jury" the one-hour docu-drama will not only allow viewers to determine the verdicts of real-life court cases, but also to vote throughout each episode "on the veracity of witnesses and persuasiveness of evidence."

Sorry, what. This sounds like a ridiculous idea, and we have so many questions.

How will the opening narration go?

I bet it'll be something like "In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by.... themselves." BUM BUM!

Actually, how often per episode will we hear that iconic "BUM BUM?"

Before every commercial break, I'm hoping.

Will every episode start with a quippy joke from a beleaguered detective?

Can it be Jesse Martin?

How recent will these cases be?

Will we be voting on cases that have already gone to trial?

What kind of cases are these exactly?

Will we be investigating murders? Real murders? Or just petty crimes? Or civil cases?

Have these cases already been tried or are they still ongoing?

Are we actually the jury?

What happens once the verdict is passed down?

Is it going to be like that old show "Beyond Belief: Fact Or Fiction," where you decide whether something's true or false and then Jonathan Frakes appears at the end to let you know if you are right? Or is something actually going to happen to the guilty person at the end?

How will viewers vote?

Online? By phone? Or will there be a live audience within the show itself who does all the voting and question-asking?

If there's an audience on set, how do you become a part of it?

Is it like selecting a jury?

Will each episode be divided up into "Law" and "Order?"

Will we get to watch the police investigate the crime before the trial starts?

Will witnesses have to walk around everywhere while they talk to police?

It's just so much more dynamic that way.

Will each episode start with a red herring where the police rule out all other possible defendants?

If the NYPD starts brings a suspect in on the 10 minute mark, you know they didn't do it.

How much New York City scaffolding will be visible at any given moment?

Please say all of it.

Will there be plenty of cameos and guest starring roles?

Hilary Duff could come back and pretend to kill another baby. That'd be neat.

How about roles for people who are primarily known for their Broadway careers?

Fun fact: open any Broadway playbill and at least half the cast will mention an appearance on "Law and Order."

Will there be a psychologist to evaluate defendants, and can it be B.D. Wong?

If not, I will settle for J.K. Simmons.

How pretty and blond will the assistant DA be?

On a scale of one to very.

Will John Munch make an appearance?

Not Richard Belzer -- John Munch, the character he's played in at least ten different television shows.

Will Ice T be on hand to express his disbelief about everything?

He's very good at that.

Will someone utter the phrase "Were you lying then, or are you lying now?"

Miss you, Jack McCoy.

Will Judge Judy ever make a crossover appearance?

She's got court TV experience.

What about Judge Reinhold?

His name is Judge, after all.

What about Taylor Swift?

She's their BIGGEST FAN.

Finally, will my beautiful princess warrior Olivia Benson be there?

Because if she is, I will watch.

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