Master Manipulator: Why Wes Feels 'Misunderstood' In The 'Challenge' Game

In an exclusive interview with MTV News, the vet is reflecting on his bold game style

Wes is always looking to hold a position of Challenge power -- and during tonight's War of the Worlds episode, the Veteran got what he was seeking (and then some).

The two-time champ found himself in the Tribunal with former partner Dee and Mattie after a top performance in the mission "Highway to Hell." So Wes and his angels went to work -- and aimed to find the best deal to protect their best interests as well as other key female players in the game (it was a girls elimination round). Wes took the lead with questioning nominees Georgia, Da'Vonne and Cara Maria -- and he the trio ultimately decided to put Georgia in the Killing Room (Wes and Mattie voted for the U.K. alliance member, while Dee selected the Big Brother alum).


"Because it was a girls week, I stayed out of everything," he joked before sending Georgia into the elimination. "And in that process, I was reminded that Georgia is the best runner here, and I don't want good runners in the final."

While we don't know who the Love Island starlet chose to face, the installment showed off Wes' mastery of the politics necessary to advance in this competitive environment. But, according to Wes, he feels his reputation as a manipulator is "misunderstood." How so?

"On one side, people get in to this, 'I have to play the game and make deals; I'm politically strong,'" Wes recently explained to MTV News. "But on the other side, that makes them very insecure. They don't want to become 'the victim' of one of my next plays. And because of that, no one really trusts me. But that is really counter-intuitive, because all of my deals are mutually advantageous."

He continued: "I'm actually one of the most trustworthy guys there is, because when I say I'm going to do something, I do it. So if I'm not talking to you and it makes you feel safe because I'm not promising you something and therefore he can't screw me, no. If I'm not talking to you and not promising you something, you're next. If you don't want to be the victim of my next play, you should find me, and we find a mutually advantageous situation. We shake on it, and I will fulfill my end of the bargain. I promise."

What do you make of Wes' decision-making this week, and do you think it will propel him to the final? Or will he come up short and miss the opportunity for $750K? Sound off with your predictions, then be sure to keep watching him (and the rest of his fellow MTV competitors) every Wednesday at 9/8c.

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