Vinny's Perfect Match: Meet The Ladies Of 'Double Shot At Love' Season 3

They'll make their MTV debut on September 16

Vinny Guadagnino is the only cast member on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation without a significant other. But 17 women are trying to change the eligible bachelor's relationship status from single to taken and double shot at in love.

Double Shot at Love, debuting on September 16, will feature the MTV bachelor trying to find his perfect match -- with some guidance from (who else?) DJ Pauly D and Nikki Hall, who found each other on the hit show. Every buddy needs somebody -- and one lucky lady is trying to be that somebody. Wonder if any of them like jumping rope. Or giving speeches...

Who are the women vying to be Vin's other half? Meet the contestants below, and give your thoughts on who you think will be compatible with Vin. Then do not miss the premiere ofDouble Shot at Love Season 3 on Thursday, September 16 at 9/8c!

Bidisa Chandra

DSAL_S3_Bidisa Chandra_041321_MC_0004_R

Emily Piccinonno

DSAL_S3_Emily Piccinonno_041321_MC_0184_R

Kayla Penoli

DSAL_S3_Kayla Penoli _041321_MC_0035_R

Jasmine Jones

DSAL_S3_Jasmine Jones_041321_MC_0094_R

Danielle Hopson

DSAL_S3_Danielle Hopson _041321_MC_0115_R

Abi Memoli

DSAL_S3_Abi Memoli _041321_MC_0009_R

Kortni Montgomery

DSAL_S3_Kortni Montgomery_041321_MC_0025_R

Claudelia Zarate

DSAL_S3_Claudelia Zarate_041321_MC_0105_R

Leanzy Peterson

DSAL_S3_Leanzy Peterson_041321_MC_0071_R

Erika Devito

DSAL_S3_Erika DeVito_041321_MC_0035_R

Peyton Freestone

DSAL_S3_Peyton Freeston_041321_MC_0098_R

Jovanna Del Plato

DSAL_S3_Jovanna Del Plato_041321_MC_0194_R

Erica Pecore

DSAL_S3_Erica Pecore_041321_MC_0099_R

Kyra Carey

DSAL_S3_Kyra Carey_041321_MC_0061_R

Akielia Rucker

DSAL_S3_Akeila Rucker_041321_MC_0018_R

Kiana Khoshaba

DSAL_S3_Kiana Khoshaba_041321_MC_0019_R

Honey Nguyen

DSAL_S3_Hanh Honey Nguyen_041321_MC_0115_R

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