Michael B. Jordan Got Tiffany Haddish Pregnant At The Movie & TV Awards

'Y'all just witnessed the first immaculate conception!'

With someone like Tiffany Haddish hosting the MTV Movie & TV Awards, you knew she'd be ready with some outrageous antics. And when the Girls Trip star opened the show on Monday night (June 18), she got the party started with a bang (and a baby!) by performing her own MTVA-themed parody of "Bodak Yellow."

"I don't dance now, I make money movies," Haddish sang while wearing a white gown that resembled the dress Cardi B wore on SNL back in April. You may recall that performance as the one where Cardi confirmed her pregnancy by debuting her baby bump, and Haddish had a surprise baby announcement of her own to make.

"Is that you, Michael B. Jordan? You fine as hell! You so sexy you could probably look a girl in her eyes and get her pregnant!" Haddish quipped to the Black Panther star, which prompted this incredible reaction from him:


MBJ heartthrob life

Turns out, Haddish's prediction was right, because a "baby bump" suddenly appeared underneath her gown. "Y'all just witnessed the first immaculate conception!"



Haddish also shouted out Black Panther during her monologue when she explained why it's been "a year of firsts for black people." She said, "I'm the first black woman to host the MTV Movie & TV Awards. Black Panther is the first African-American movie to make a billion dollars. And A Quiet Place is the first film to scare black people out of talking in movie theaters."

Needless to say, Haddish's baby-making monologue got this show started on the most hilarious foot!

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