11 Things We Miss About 'Entourage'...And Why We're Psyched For The Movie Awards Reunion

Vinnie Chase and co. will reunite at Sunday's show, airing at 9 p.m. on MTV.

When the cast of "Entourage" presents the Generation Award to Mark Wahlberg at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, it will be the first public reunion of the cast ahead of their big movie.

The years since the end of "Entourage" have been tough for the fans of the show, and the news of the Generation Award has us thinking back to what we've missed so much about it.

If we had to pick, these are the 11 reasons we really, really miss "Entourage."

1. Hugging it out, bitch

2. Those heart-warming bro moments (Broments?)

3. The horrible relationship advice from Vinnie Chase.

4. That feeling of "VICTORYYYYYY"

5. Getting really excited for a new episode

6. Relating to Lloyd

7. Ari's rage-filled phone throws

8. Feeling kind of bad for Drama

9. Being confused when an episode took an unexpected turn

10. Enjoying a good old-fashioned freak out

11. The feeding frenzies

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