Juice WRLD Is Forced To Give His Heart Up On Wounded New Song 'Robbery'

He opens up about a toxic relationship a day shy of Valentine's Day

Ahead of Valentine's Day, Juice WRLD has a dark tale of romance gone awry to share. The rapper released his new single "Robbery" today (February 13) via Beats 1 Radio as Zane Lowe's World Record. Don't let the mischievous name fool you; the only boundaries broken here are metaphysical in nature, not physical. Take a listen to it below.

"Robbery" is in line with the smooth, mid-tempo jams that Juice WRLD specializes in. Nick Mira, the producer behind his breakout single "Lucid Dreams," returns to the fold with a piano-heavy instrumental that soundtracks Juice WRLD's wounded wailing. The song is a drunken reflection of a toxic relationship by Juice WRLD, with the rapper confessing to his deepest insecurities to remain sane. "One thing my dad told me was 'Never let your woman know when you're insecure' / So I put Gucci on the fur / And I put my wrist on iceberg," he caterwauls dejectedly. You can practically hear him venting to a stranger at the bar, during a commercial break for a college football game, his breath heavy with the thick smell of fresh beer.

"Robbery" is the first single from Juice WRLD's forthcoming sophomore album Deathrace for Love that is set to drop on March 8Later this month, the rapper will be joining Nicki Minaj for The Nicki WRLD Tour that's set to kick off in Munich, Germany.

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