Jennette McCurdy Literally Kills 'iCarly' Co-Star Nathan Kress In New Short Film

‘8 Bodies’ is a fun and quirky honeymoon-gone-bad

iCarly "Seddie" fans better strap in, because Jennette McCurdy and Nathan Kress's new short film is going to be one helluva ride.

After watching the trailer for 8 Bodies last week, fans can now finally see the duo back in full action — and on Valentine's Day, no less. When newlyweds TJ (McCurdy) and Sam (True Jackson, VP's Matt Shively) accidentally kill someone on the way to their honeymoon, they find themselves becoming a 21st-century Bonnie and Clyde. Kress plays the kooky police officer who stumbles upon their dirty secret.

McCurdy co-wrote and co-directed the project with Colton Tran, and the script was finished in a single day. The short gives off strong Quentin Tarantino vibes, and Tran told MTV News that was purposeful: "[McCurdy and I] are both fans of smash cuts and abrupt sound design and it all lended to the overall story and vision, so we incorporated that style."

Kress's death scene, though hilarious to watch, was actually quite difficult to film. As Tran explained to us, they only had one wedding dress, so basically one shot at getting everything — especially the blood splatter — right on the first try. Kress's reaction to getting clobbered was tricky, because he couldn't actually see when the bat was "hitting" his character. "We had to give a sound cue for his reaction," Tran said. He admitted that he and McCurdy had Kress in mind for the role from the beginning.

8 Bodies's ending suggests more mishaps ensue for the characters, and Tran says they're toying with a feature version. And for all the iCarly fans out there, the character Sam was partly a nod to McCurdy's Nickelodeon icon, Sam Puckett, as well as a happy coincidence.

You can check out the full film here.

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