T.I., LL Cool J And Hugh Jackman Rapped To 'Music Man' And Now Everything Is Different

It was an unexpected turn of events.

File this one under both "This Happened" and "Pardon Me?": Last night at the Tony Awards, L.L. Cool J, T.I. and Wolverine Hugh Jackman performed an amped-up rap version of "Rock Island" from the classic Broadway musical "The Music Man."

Yeah, 76 trombones "Music Man." That "Music Man."

It's like those Choose Your Own Adventure books of yesteryear -- do you go down the path of pure delight, or is there a horror story unfolding in front of you when you choose to hit play on the video above. (Not watching the video is not an option, obviously.)

And when your first viewing is over, do you choose to watch again (and and again and again)? Or do you try and move on with your life, aware in your heart that something within you has irreversibly changed after witnessing the events above. There are two chapters to your life now: Before "Music Man" Rap and After "Music Man" Rap.

Welcome to the other side, friend. You'll learn to love it here. What happens next is up to you.