One Direction, Miley Cyrus And More Now Have Guinness World Records

Find out what they won!

The 2015 Guinness World Records book won't officially arrive until September 10, but we have a sneak peek on some star-studded achievements right... now!

First off, a major "yaaaas" is in order for the boys of One Direction -- according to a release from the Guinness folks themselves, the band now has the honor of being the "First act to debut at No.1 with first three albums" with Midnight Memories, Up All Night and Take Me Home all debuting at the top spot.

"This really is one of our proudest moments, both for us and our incredible fans," Niall Horan said. "Whenever we talk about it we always say how cool it is that we did it first, how sick is that?!"

Pretty sick, Niall. Pretty sick.

Additionally, Miley Cyrus now has the honor of being the "Most searched-for Pop Star on the Internet," while Shakira is officially the "Most 'liked' person on Facebook." (She reached 100 million in July, meaning she also wins "First person to reach 100 million likes on Facebook.")

Metallica also had a pretty sweet year for the Records book -- the band made history when they became the first (and, as of right now, only) band to perform a concert on all seven of the earth's continents. They played a show in Antarctica called "Freeze 'Em All," which lead vocalist James Hetfield said was attended by "300 very curious penguins."

Congrats are also in order for "Frozen," which won "Highest box office film gross for an animation," at $1.113 billion dollars and counting. On the boob tube side, "Game of Thrones" won "Most pirated TV program." (When asked for comment, they said "Hodor.")

Basically, it was a huge year for accomplishments in entertainment. Check out some other highlights below:

Musician with the most Twitter followers Katy Perry, with 52,463,838 followers

Most words in a hit single: Eminem with 1,560 words in 6 minutes, 4 seconds

Fastest time to reach one million followers: Robert Downey Jr.

Most "likes" on an item: Vin Diesel for a Facebook photo of himself and the late Paul Walker

Highest-rated reality-competition series: "Project Runway" season two, with a Metacritic rating of 86 percent.

Most Primetime Emmy Awards for a TV series: "Saturday Night Live," with 40 awards.

Pretty impressive, huh? For more information, visit the official Guinness World Records site.

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