'The Notebook': 11 Hilarious References For The 10th Anniversary

It's sad, we get it!

What's the number one way to convey the fact that someone is either sad, in tune with his or her own feelings, or way too macho to care about romance? Well, ever since June 25, 2004, the answer to that question has been "show that person crying while watching 'The Notebook,' admitting that he or she cried during 'The Notebook,' or referencing how much he or she can't stand 'The Notebook,'" respectively.

It's now officially been ten years since the iconic Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams-starrer came out, but everyone -- from your favorite movies and TV shows to the actual celebs who star in them -- still can't stop referencing it. (Heck, even MTV's own "Teen Wolf" made a "Notebook" joke. It's an addiction!) So in honor of Gosling and McAdams' decennial anniversary, we've compiled 11 of our favorite "Notebook" mentions from the past ten years:

1. 'Saturday Night Live' (2005)

We knew SNL digital shorts were going to be a thing when Samberg admitted, "I love those cupcakes like McAdams loves Gosling."

2. 'Just Friends' (2005)

Nothing gets Reynolds fired up quite like movies starring the other Ryan.

3. 'The Big Bang Theory' (2010)

Howard proved himself to be heartless when he revealed that McGosling just isn't his thing.

4. One Direction (2011)

Want to start a fight between the dudes of 1-D? Mention that you don't like "The Notebook."

5. 'Horrible Bosses' (2011)

Charlie Day's character chooses the film as his boss-stakeout viewing material, which is an... interesting... selection.

6. 'Teen Wolf' (2011)

Jackson will do anything to please his gal-pal. (Except stay on "Teen Wolf.")

7. 'Suburgatory' (2013)

"The Notebook" has been parodied gazillions of times, but this "Suburgatory" take is our favorite. "One email a day for 42 days!!"

8. 'Ted' (2012)

Like Mila Kunis wouldn't know the "Notebook" music.

9. 'Portlandia' (2014)

"Lance" watches "The Notebook" when "he" is depressed over a dead pet.

10. Eva Mendes (2014)

Even Gosling's real-life girlfriend gets weepy when he swipes McAdams off her feet.

11. Ansel Elgort And Shailene Woodley(2014)

You know you have a tearjerker on your hands when the "Fault in our Stars" kids are crying during your movie.

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