Wonder Why More Women Don't Use Female Condoms? This Is Probably Why

They were not pleased -- literally *or* figuratively.

They're more effective at preventing pregnancy and HIV transmission than male condoms, yet, walk into most convenience stores and you won't see female condoms behind the counter. Why is that?

BuzzFeed asked six women to try female condoms for the first time, and well ... there seems to be a good reason.

"It was ... interesting, and by that I mean awful and traumatizing," one of the participants states of her experience. All of the women find the application of the condom foreign and unenjoyable, with one saying it felt like a trash bag and another citing bags of the Ziploc variety. ?

A couple of women actually field tested the condom with their boyfriends and both of them disliked the experience, too.

Watch the full video below.

Before you resolve never to give them a chance, know this: Companies like Path are trying to redesign the clunky UI of the female condom to prevent this unanimous dislike of them by new users, and it seems they're making progress.

A new design includes a more pleasing shape and is made of non-latex material that warms with the body -- although their design hasn't been manufactured yet -- so for now, men and women everywhere will have to contend with these.

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