Lupita Embraces The 'Loving Moment' Of Oscar Night

Best Supporting Actress nominee is filled with love for her fans on Oscar Sunday.

After wowing audiences in Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave," Best Supporting Actress nominee Lupita Nyong'o has spent the following months wowing people in other ways, thanks to her gorgeous fashions and ever-charming disposition. That was no different when she stepped onto the 2014 Oscars red carpet on Sunday (March 2).

Still starry-eyed, the Oscar nominee shared with MTV's own Josh Horowitz her feelings on the final night of awards glory, telling him, "It's bittersweet, you know. I'm so excited to be here. We've all been waiting for this moment, but then at the same time, of course it's a little saddening because it means it's over."

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Although this round of the awards circuit reached its glitzy conclusion this evening, the first-time nominee is comfortably settling into her newly-minted It Girl status and her burgeoning fanbase. Nyong'o is still blown away by the love both the film and her performance have sparked in people, sharing, "It's good when something generates love, because all too often, other things are generated in the world. So this is a loving moment, and I'm embracing it. I hope everyone else is, and I'm so happy to have the support of so many people who don't have a say in who wins today."

And while a shiny new Oscar would be the perfect accessory for Hollywood's newest fashion plate, Nyong'o seems more concerned with thanking the fans that have supported her (quite lovingly) along the way, smiling "Thank you for having me be your winner in your heart."

We're betting she'll soon have a little golden guy to go along with the sweet sentiment.

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