Drake's 'Hold On, We're Going Home' Is Just The Beginning Of His Return To Acting

Toronto MC gives MTV News details about the Michael Jackson-inspired clip and what's next in his acting career.

Hours before Drake released his Nothing Was the Same single "Hold On, We're Going Home," the Toronto rapper told MTV News that he hopes to hear the track played at weddings in 10 years, so imagine our surprise when his mafia-inspired visuals for "Hold On" dropped on Tuesday (September 24). It's all a part of Drizzy's master plan though, to return to his acting roots.

The 7-minute clip opens with Drake, A$AP Rocky and other members of their mafia crew dinging and celebrating at a Miami restaurant back in 1985. As they toast to their recent success, Drake receives a phone call that his girlfriend has been taken hostage and he sets out on a mission to rescue her.

From his earlier description of the song, it was hard to predict that there'd be a "Bad Boys"-style shootout in the accompanying video for "Hold On We're Going Home," but Drake explains that it's all a part of his plan to get back into acting.

"Bill Pope, who directed 'The Matrix,' directed the video and basically it's a video full of acting because I'm dying to get back into acting," Drake told MTV News. "So there's actually no performance in the video -- it's all acting. A$AP's in it as well, plus a lot of different cameos, but it's a story-based video."

"I based it off of some of the old Michael Jackson videos like 'Moonwalker,' so it's sort of exciting, violent a little and scary a little, but it's great."

Drake got his start on the popular Canadian TV show "Degrassi" and took a major hiatus to pursue his wildly successful rap career, but apparently it's time that things come full circle. When pressed about what roles he would pursue exactly, he opened the gates up for everything.

"TV shows and movies," he revealed. "I'm excited about that."

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