The New 'Teen Wolf' Season 6 Trailer Is Here -- And It's All About Stiles

Watch now, then relive the most emotional moments in GIFs

Emotions and Stiles go hand-in-hand like Lydia and bizarre premonitions, and the newest Teen Wolf Season 6 teaser is no exception.

Tears, fear, panic and all the emotions are clearly running high this season, and we've got the proof in the epic clip from the final season:

And now, let's break it down. Here are the most emotional Stiles moments (*tear*) in GIFs:

Forget Stiles? As if!


When a teary Stiles grips Lydia's hand and says, "You're gonna forget me. Find some way to remember me," our hearts damn near shatter into a million little pieces. Stiles is eternally unforgettable, you hear us? UNFORGETTABLE!

Vanishing into thin air


But then he disappears thanks to a creepy faceless horseman, and the look on Lydia's face says it all.

Scott struggles to remember


If the True Alpha has no recollection, we're all doomed.

Peter Hale knows what's up


The werewolf assures Stiles that they simply don't exist. So did they ever exist?

Scott is determined to save Stiles


Seeing as Stiles has saved everyone's asses on more than one occasion, Scott will stop at nothing to ensure that Stiles is both remembered and safe. "I'm coming for my friends. I'm coming for everyone," he says.

But Sheriff Stilinski doesn't even remember


You know sh*t has really hit the fan when your own father can't remember you. *tear*

The struggle is real


And we're brought back to that fateful night when Scott nearly torched himself during a nasty wolfsbane trip. "Scott, you're my brother," a Stiles voiceover can be heard saying.

Does Lydia hold the key?


Lydia seems so close... yet so far. Then we're gifted with a flashback of THAT KISS. What does it mean?

Those three little words


GASP. Stiles says what so many of us have been waiting to hear him say for over five years. (Sorry, Stalia shippers.) And... that's it.

Until next month, that is. Set your calendar reminders for the Teen Wolf Season 6 premiere Tuesday, November 15 at 9/8c.