Dill Pickles And The 'Rump Pump': Here's Why 'The Almost Impossible Game Show' Is Gloriously Insane

MTV's hilarious new offering debuts this Thursday

Dignity, what?

You won't find it on MTV's The Almost Impossible Game Show, kicking off this Thursday, October 13. In the half-hour series based on the popular UK game show of the same name, comedic genius meets physical insanity, and contestants of all shapes, sizes and abilities compete in outlandish challenges in order to take home a hefty cash prize.

Don't believe us? Watch the mashup below for all the evidence you need. Ever seen a woman play a game of "Rump Pump," where she has to pump a balloon with her tiny heiny? Or a 97-pound guy attempt a nearly impossible feat while wearing homemade beer goggles? And don't even get us started on the gigantic treadmill, teeny bikes and makeshift windmill that seems partly comprised of dill pickles.

Tune in this Thursday at 10/9c (yep, that's in TWO DAYS!) for the new series that will inevitably replace Jeopardy in your roster of game-show faves.

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