Streaming: Watch 'Klown' Online

The badasses at Drafthouse Films are releasing their bizarro world Danish comedy "Klown" on demand today. It was a smash with audiences at Fantastic Fest down in Austin, is getting rave reviews and has already been snapped up for an American remake starring Danny McBride.

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The awkwardness begins with dad-to-be Frank (Frank Hvam) wanting to prove his worthiness as a father to his girlfriend. Luckily, his chance to prove himself is at hand! Well, sort of. He kidnaps her nephew Bo (Marcuz Jess Petersen) and takes him on a canoe trip/bachelor party that its leader Casper (Casper Christensen) has dubbed the "Tour de [female anatomy]." Yup, it's that kind of party. On a canoe. Boobs, brothels, bloody noses and more await the group -- and you.

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It's awkward, dirty and damn funny. And you can stream it right here.

Click below and watch "Klown" in full for $6.99, thanks to our buddies down in Texas at Drafthouse Films.