Angelina's Most Memorable 'Family Vacation' Moments (Cab Shart Included)

She came, she saw, she left a skid mark

Angelina's Family Vacation in Miami might have seemed short-lived, but it was a productive visit, to say the least. Not only did the Staten Island dump native redeem herself, but she also relieved herself in the back of a taxi. Sort of. Maybe. We're not sure?

toast to angelina

Now that Ang is officially gone with the wind (pun intended), let's relive some of her best moments, cab caca included:

The Arrival


Mike's reaction says it all. "Yo, who sent you? This is the ghost of dirty little hamster's past."

The Situational Hug

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 5.35.30 PM

Eight whole years after their epic feud, Mike and Angelina hugged it out.

The Girls' Reaction


After two bottles of wine, Snooki, JWOWW and Deena were not prepared to see their longtime nemesis sitting at the family dinner table.

The Obvious Question


Leave it to Jenni to ask it: "Why the f**k are you here?" She then called "bullsh*t" on Angelina's whole "amends" story.

The Apology


The turning point of Angelina's visit? Her apology to Snooki for talking smack about the mama-of-two's lip injections.

The Meatball Day


Snooki, Deena and Ronnie taught Angelina the art of spiraling.

The Third Chance


JWOWW then jumped on board to give her ex-roommate a second third chance at friendship.

The Swimming Pool


In a surprisingly selfless move, the self-proclaimed "nicer b*tch" allowed Ronnie to push her into the pool (fully clothed) after Deena felt singled out.

The Adios


The roommates were terrified to tell Angelina to hit the road, but she took the news with grace and understanding. "I get it," she told the crew. "I was able to be part of something that I always regretted [leaving]."

The Shart...We Think


We may never know what happened during her final Family Vacation hurrah, but in the words of Vinny, "Angelina has really left her skid mark here in Miami."

The Heart-to-Heart


Upon facing her sh*tty mistake, an embarrassed Angelina confided in Snooki, who kept it real. "You're crying over a shart," Nicole reminded her.

The Goodbye Prank


No sendoff is complete without a good-natured joke, and Angelina got hers in the form of a few trash bags and toilet-paper rolls.

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