6 Ways The Apple Watch Makes You Feel Exactly Like Kim Possible

Siri is basically Wade in real life.

With contributions by Jennifer Rivera

Disney Channel's hit animated series "Kim Possible" graced TV screens from 2000 to 2007. Even though the show is no longer, Kim and her trusty sidekick and BFF-turned-BF Ron Stoppable will live on in our hearts forever as the show's OTP. The pair teamed up to stop villains like mad scientist Dr. Drakken and his super-stylish assistant, Shego, from wreaking havoc on the world.

Just to get those nostalgia feels going, here's a quick vid of the show's opening sequence, "Call Me, Beep Me" by Christina Milian:

Kim's arsenal of crime-fighting tools included the high-tech Kimmunicator, a handheld device that eventually downsized into a wristwatch in later episodes. When the hotly anticipated Apple Watch with all its fancy-schmancy features, finally hit shelves earlier this year, the Kimmunicator instantly came to mind.

Apple Watch

Here's why using an Apple Watch makes you feel just as badass as Kim Possible:

You can talk to it

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You can read text messages on the Apple Watch, but it doesn't have a full keyboard. This makes it a litttle tricky to respond if you don't have your iPhone on hand. Fortunately, you can just speak your response directly into the Watch and it'll translate your voice into a written text or an audio file you can send to whoever hit you up. It's hard not to feel like Kim Possible when you're whispering super-secret info what time you'll be home for dinner into a gleaming hunk of metal on your wrist.

We experimented with the Apple Watch IRL and tried to answer our texts the way Kim always answered her Kimmunicator -- by asking, "So what's the sitch?" The Watch kept translating our voices into a text that read, "So what's the stitch?" Close enough.

Or you can respond to everything with the same phrase

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There's a second way to respond to texts if you don't feel like talking to your wrist. The Watch lets you store preset text messages so that you can respond without a keyboard. It's a convenient feature, but it also means you end up replying with the same exact copy over and over again.

Ron's go-to phrase was "boo-ya," while Kim's was "so not the drama." You've got your own catchphrases stored away in your Watch.

You can ask it any question and it'll spit out an answer

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The Apple Watch has Siri, and the Kimmunicator had Wade. They're one and the same, except for the fact that Wade was a 10-year-old prodigy who somehow already graduated both high school AND college. Whenever Kim or Ron got into trouble on a mission, they used the Kimmunicator to contact Wade and ask for help.

Wade, with all his infinite genius wisdom and mad computer hacking skillz, got the duo the intel they needed to get back to safety. Asking Siri what's zero divided by zero is basically the same thing.

It buzzes you whenever there's breaking news

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Depending on your exact settings, the Apple Watch buzzes or taps you whenever you get a message, an email, a tweet -- you get the idea. This isn't quite as fun as Kim's signature Kimmunicator ringtone, but it serves the same purpose.

You always know where everyone is and how to find them

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No matter where Dr. Drakken and Shego were hiding out, Kim always found them. Similarly, you don't need a smartphone to track someone's location. You can access social media from the Watch, so when your ex Instagrams a pic from the restaurant across the street and tags its location, you know to steer clear. Alternatively, when you do want to run into someone, the Watch's Maps app tells you exactly how to get to wherever they are.

It motivates you to get off your butt and kick some butt instead

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The Apple Watch automatically tracks your daily activity from how many steps you take to your heartbeat, so you can see how much (or how little) physical activity you've engaged in every day. If the longest walk you've taken all day was from the couch to the fridge, maybe this will inspire you to get to the gym and work on those high kicks a lá Kim in every single episode ever.

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