Trey Songz Can't Wait For You To Hear What Justin Bieber Sounds Like On 'Foreign'

Trey can't wait for you to hear his new song with the Biebs.

When it comes to R&B music, Trey Songz has proven himself a master.

Whether he's the life of the party on tracks like "Say Ahh" or romancing the ladies on his new single "Na Na," Songz has rarely looked for help from other singers, but when it came time to collaborate with Justin Bieber on his new album, Trigga Trey just couldn't pass the chance up.

"I'm elated for people to hear how he sounds on it, because the first reaction I get from a lot of people is: 'Who is that?' Because you don't expect him to be on a record like that," Songz told MTV news on Monday.

The record that Trey references is the "Foreign" remix, that will appear on his Trigga LP when it drops on July 1.

"It's incredible. We've seen Justin Bieber grow in the last few years. People have a lot of opinions on how he's chosen to live his life in a lot of ways, but one thing we can't deny is that musically he's evolved," Trey said. "Last year he went out on an edge and made the world -- basically -- accept him doing R&B."

Bieber started as a squeaky clean pop kid, but as he's grown, he's developed an edge to him musically and in his life outside of the booth. The Biebs is currently in the middle of a controversy after an old video surfaced of him telling a racially-insensitive joke surfaced online on Sunday. Justin has since apologized, and Songz wasn't asked and didn't comment on the incident.

As far as the the "Foreign" remix goes, Trey feels that it says a lot to have a star of JB's caliber dip into the R&B world. "I think that's big for our culture when you have maybe the world's biggest pop star, choosing what's considered to be 'urban music,'" Songz said, making a air quote gesture with his hands when speaking the words "urban music."

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