The Weeknd Faces Off With Police In The Brutally Violent ‘False Alarm’ Video

Abel Tesfaye gets to star in his very own first-person shooter

The Weeknd’s recent video for “Starboy” was all shiny cars and slick cinematography. His new video for “False Alarm,” though, takes on a drastically different tone.

Shot entirely in first-person view, “False Alarm” follows a high-stakes bank heist all the way to its bloody end. The robbers take a hostage and hit the highway on the run from police, only to engage in a gruesome, drone-assisted shootout at high speed.

If you just got flashbacks to the POV action movie Hardcore Henry, that’s because the same director, Ilya Naishuller, is behind “False Alarm.”

It’s all a lot for a Weeknd video, but at least Abel Tesfaye can add “gun-slinging action hero” to his already stacked résumé.

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