Lil Wayne Raps 'Carter IV' Verses Over The Phone For Drake

'He called me the other day from jail and rapped me two verses, man,' Drake says.

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

As a journalist, you love hearing the person you're interviewing say, "I don't know if I'm supposed to say this ..." That almost always means they're about to talk what we call "good ish." Last week in Atlanta on the [article id="1644054"]video set for Drake's "Fancy,"[/article] Drizzy dropped a jewel on us: Lil Wayne rapped for him over the phone again.

The last time Weezy kicked a verse on the jack from Rikers Island, it wound up being a super-underground, added-on [article id="1641174"]remix verse for "Light Up."[/article] This time, the New Orleans Fireman gave his Young Money family member a preview of Tha Carter IV.

"He called me the other day from jail and rapped me two verses, man," Drake said. "It really made me, like, 'I gotta do something different. I gotta get sh-- together,' because he's really got bars and he's rapping from a broader life perspective, saying these things people love to hear."

Drake also revealed that, although he wasn't aware of the title of Weezy's September EP [article id="1643374"]I'm Not A Human Being[/article]

at the time, he's definitively a featured guest.

"I'm on it," Drake said. While our talk continued with the 23-year-old Toronto native, he also said that his mentor was in that rare space where fans loved him no matter what.

"It's gonna transfer over to whatever he does," Drake said of Weezy's following. "They're waiting for that new Wayne. I don't know if people are waiting for that new Drake. Thank Me Later was great -- it was phenomenal things I've never seen, like people lining up. But it might have just been the moment -- that's yet to be proven. But Wayne is just a proven artist. There's no doubt in my mind that people are waiting for that I'm Not a Human Being, that Carter IV, that [article id="1641111"]Wayne and Drake album[/article]. All that!"

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