Mark Millar On His 'Superman' Movie Trilogy: 'Nothing Is Happening'

When it comes to "Superman," Mark Millar himself has been a Man of Steel of sorts -- but he's not invincible (though some would call him "Kick-Ass"). No, Millar's resemblance to metal stems from his stalwart desire to write a trilogy of "Superman" films as part of Warner Bros' planned reboot of the "Superman" movie franchise.

Unfortunately for Millar and his fans, it looks like the Scottish scribe won't be flying up, up and away with Kal-El anytime soon. In a recent post on his message board, Millar wrote that the WB's "Superman" plans "seem to be in stasis right now."

"Warner's talked to us and a few other writer/director teams, but things seem to be in stasis right now," wrote Millar. "As far as I understand, nothing is happening with Superman at the moment and so the director and I are just working on another project. If it happens, great. If it doesn't, no biggie."

But the "Wanted" writer is already looking on the bright side.

"'Kick-Ass' taught me that creating your own stuff can be at least as much fun and you don't have to answer to anyone," he concluded. "It's the future, baby."

Millar's already had a significant amount of creator-owned successes with "Kick-Ass" and "Wanted," though he seemed incredibly passionate about taking a go at Clark Kent. Last year, he described his planned trilogy as a "Lord of the Rings"-style epic that would end with the Man of Steel as the last man on Earth.

Sadly, it might be Millar that's the last man on Earth -- or, at least, one of the last people on line for the writing job when the WB greenlights a new "Superman" film. Maybe fellow comic book writer Geoff Johns will have better luck with "Superman"?

Are you sad to see Millar's planned eight-hour "Superman" epic bite the dust, or was he never the right person for the job? Leap a tall building in a single bound and land in the comments section!