Shawn Mendes And Khalid's 'Youth' Video Is A Powerful Call To Action

They highlight a series of true trailblazers in the inspiring vid

After dropping off "Lost in Japan" last week, Shawn Mendes is already back with a stunning new visual. This time, he and Khalid joined forces on the eve of the U.S. midterm elections to release a video for "Youth" that's all about the power young people have to make change. (In other words, let this serve as your latest reminder to go vote!)

The nearly eight-minute video opens with slow-mo footage of a handgun crashing to the ground, then flashes between scenes from this year's March For Our Lives rally. At one point, Parkland activist David Hogg delivers a line that perfectly sets the tone: "If you listen real close, you can hear the people in power shaking."

Throughout the rest of the video, Shawn and Khalid appear as minor players behind several trailblazing kids showing off their talents, which range from dancing and directing to painting and playing basketball. It's emotional, impactful, and a timely call to action that, as Shawn and Khalid shared on Twitter, "our youth is our strength, our vote is our voice."

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