Which 'Real World: Skeletons' Cast Member Has The Darkest Past?

The new season doesn't premiere until Dec. 16, but we've got the lowdown on the newest housemates.

Are some secrets better left untold?

Seven strangers are about to find the answer to that question on the upcoming "Real World: Skeletons," where they'll be forced to face the very last person on Earth they'd like to see. Trust us, the term "ghosts of Christmas past" is about to get a whole new meaning this holiday season.

But before the drama unfolds, get to know the cast -- and be sure to catch the season premiere on Tuesday, Dec. 16 at 10/9c!

Bruno, 24

Jack Jeffries


Bruno's stylish and smooth demeanor may win him points with the ladies, but his explosive temper has ruffled a few feathers. Case in point: The Rhode Island resident had an angry showdown with his brother Briah three years ago -- and the two haven't spoken since.

Sylvia, 25

Jack Jeffries


The serial dater has a "roster of men" back in her hometown of Kansas City, but she still hasn't found her match. One reason: Her stepfather abandoned her when she was a child, and she's still dealing with the emotional aftermath.

Jason, 24

Jack Jeffries


The North Carolina native has never known his father, and it's taught him an important lesson: Never walk out on your own child.

Madison, 23

Jack Jeffries


After recovering from a six-year battle with drug addiction, the bubbly Texan describes herself as "reborn" -- and is determined to turn her life around.

Nicole, 23

Jack Jeffries


The openly gay Staten Island EMT has an aggressive streak (and a whole lot of self-confidence): She swears she can steal any woman's girlfriend.

Tony, 25

Jack Jeffries


The handsome Southern gent (he hails from Louisiana) has a way with women, but his inability to stay faithful has often landed him in trouble -- his trail of broken hearts includes stalker exes.

Violetta, 23

Jack Jeffries


The tables have turned for this immigrant beauty from Moldova: Once a victim of high school harassment, the brash and opinionated party girl is now a hard-edged bully herself.

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