Toni Braxton Settles With LaFace Records, Starts Work On Album

After a year of legal hemming and hawing, R&B songstress Toni Braxton has apparently settled her lawsuit with her label, LaFace Records, which plans to issue a new album from Braxton in May.

The reconciliation was revealed last week by producer L.A. Reid, and according to "Billboard," Braxton is already at work on a new record, the follow-up to her multi-platinum 1996 album, "Secrets.

Braxton had been embroiled in a legal tug of war with LaFace Records since December 1997, when she filed a lawsuit asking to be freed from her contractual obligations to the label (see [article id="1426565"]"Toni Braxton In Contract Dispute"[/article]).

After then being counter-sued by LaFace for breach of contract, the singer eventually filed for bankruptcy protection, a move that stalled all legal proceedings between the two parties prior to last week's settlement.

Braxton is currently enjoying a stint as "Belle" in the Broadway production of Disney's

"Beauty and the Beast" musical, and while there's no word yet on who's working with the singer on her upcoming record, but we'll keep you posted.

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