How Did The Orwells' Crippling Twin Peaks Make Their Pitchfork Set Even Radder?

Wheelchair-dancing is the new moshing.

Photos by Radhika Marya

Chicago, IL - If you were wondering what the most badass set at Pitchfork Music Fest was, I have the answer (and I am also psychic because we're still only on day two): Twin Peaks. Hands down. Everyone else could be petting kittens and playing the uke for all I care.

"Why is this band so hardcore?" you may ask, wiping the sleep from your eyes and looking up from your Netflix marathon of "X-Files" because it's Saturday. I'll tell you why, oh binge-watcher. Because lead singer Cadien James rolled up on stage in a wheelchair with a busted-up foot. Yup, he literally rolled. (Also they belong to a new rising class of kick-you-in-the-teeth-til-you-dance rock bands boasting members in their late teens and early 20s: See Radkey, The Orwells, Drenge, etc.)


I caught up with the guys after their set Saturday (July 19) and in addition to getting some travel tips from the Chicago natives -- check out the zoo, guys, it's free! -- they told me the story behind the fracture.

"We were on tour with The Orwells, boys from the Chicagoland area, we were in New Orleans and I had the lead singer Mario [Cuomo] on my back and got a pressure fracture from the weight," James told MTV News. "I just collapsed."

Apparently, James had previously been running around stage in short-shorts, grabbing at the gear before Cuomo made his move, so Mario isn't really to blame. Don't worry, Letterman, your favorite band is still golden.

James then proceeded to tour, sans surgery, until pogoing around on stage in a orthopedic boot was no longer an option. Pitchfork marks his first show with a cast and wheelchair, the latter of which he scored this Friday from a friend's garage. Nope, no hospital-grade gear for these dudes. DIY or die.

"It doesn't have a rest for the actual broken foot," James said, pointing to his cast, which was sheathed in a very fetching tiger-print sock.

The guys have a new record, Wild Onion, out this August. Pick it up for chair- and any other kind of dancing.