Could Eminem's Fastest Verse Ever Be On The Way?

Thanks to Tech N9ne, it might be.

Eminem has rapped at "supersonic" speed plenty of times before -- from "Rap God" to "Forever" and plenty more -- but his fastest lyrical display may be on the way. That is, if he ends up on Tech N9ne's upcoming "Worldwide Choppers 2," as the Kansas City native hopes.

"We put our verses on the 'Worldwide Choppers 2,'" Tech said during a concert last month. "We are currently awaiting Eminem's verse. I hope he does it in time, because the sh-t is f--king dope."

The track should be included on the rapper's upcoming album, which he says in the video he plans to drop by March. It'll be a sequel to his 2011 fan-favorite, "Worldwide Choppers," which followed up the rapper's "Midwest Choppers" series, and featured speed demons Busta Rhymes, Twista and Yelawolf, as well as MCs from Turkey and Denmark, all putting their verbal wizardry on display.

Hopefully, Em got his verse in on time. While we wait to find out for sure, check out "Worldwide Choppers" below.

In other Marshall Mathers news, despite rumors, there apparently won't be a new album announcement in the coming weeks.

Over the weekend, talk spread that Slim Shady would be announcing his new album, Roots, at the Grammys on Feb. 8. However, a publicist from Interscope shot down the rumor, saying, according to MLive, that the reports were, "Completely untrue. There's no album announcement coming."

Well, now we really need to hope Em got that "Worldwide Choppers 2" verse in.

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