Watch The Rock Shave A Man's Beard In An Earthquake Simulator

It doesn't end well.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Destroyer of Beards, is truly a man after my own heart.

From squashing giant fire ants with his giant, chiseled chin, to taking out missile-firing drones with his, uh, body, The Rock has faced some of Earth's toughest opponents and lived to tell the tale. And in his upcoming film "San Andreas," he even goes head to head against Mother Nature when a massive earthquake threatens humanity. Now, The Rock must eliminate 2015's worst epidemic from existence: beards.

Watch as The Rock attempts to shave MTV's own Josh Horowitz's beard... in an earthquake simulator. LOL, what could possibly go wrong?

At least they wouldn't make the same mistake again, right?

Okay, so maybe The Rock doesn't have the steadiest hand. He should probably just stick to smashing things:

...Or maybe not.

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