What Evil Will The 'Teen Wolf' Dread Doctors Unleash Next?

One thing's for sure: It's not going to be pretty.

Bold statement ahead: The Dread Doctors are perhaps the most terrifying "Teen Wolf" villains since The Mute (and the Nogitsune and Darach — we really can't decide which is worse). With their dark trench coats and torturous masks, the gang of so-called medical professionals is an unparalleled brand of evil.

We were barely 10 minutes into tonight's episode when they revealed a massive hand drill (probably not medical grade, mind you) and drilled straight into Beacon Hills resident Donovan's skull. The crime-committing twerp may be a real jack*ss, but he didn't necessarily deserve that. And what is it with this season's baddies using perfectly good home-repair tools to torture people?


Nevertheless, we're sensing a pattern when it comes to the MDs: They appear to capture common folk and use their extensive weaponry to turn the average Joes and Janes into ruthless, supernatural killing machines. Then, when their manufactured evil fails to follow through with the doctors' plan (whatever that may be), they cast the killer puppets aside. First, there was that blue-clawed eagle-wolf hybrid situation, and we just found out that Tracy had become a venom-secreting Kanima with paralytic powers. (Jackson, we kinda-sorta miss you!)

And now Donovan is spewing mercury left and right, and we're nervous to find out what he's about to become... and who he's going to kill. (We know you hate his guts, but PLEASE don't go after Sheriff Stilinski!)

What evil could possibly be unleashed next? Post your theories below, and be sure to keep watching "TW" every Monday at 10/9c!