Exclusive: Watch Jake Miller's Heartwarming Video For 'First Flight Home'

The MTV Artist To Watch drops his brand new video 'First Flight Home.'

Jake Miller is taking his first flight home, and its final destination is our hearts.

The up-and-coming hip-hop artist dropped his first big-budget video for "First Flight Home," on Thursday (August 7) on MTV.

Keeping with the theme of the song, which is the first single off his upcoming album, Jake is on the red eye home to see his girlfriend, who he's missed for months while being on the road. The video is intercut with some adorable shots of Jake singing and strumming a guitar while sitting on the wing of the plane (don't worry Millertary, it wasn't in-flight).

But the attention isn't all on Jake. The MTV Artist To Watch tells the story of other airline passengers eager to get home, including a young girl, a college student and member of the military. Each story, including Jake's, has a happy ending, with all of them reuniting with their loved ones.

Jake stopped by "Live From MTV" on Wednesday and told us a pretty fun fact about the plane used in the video.

"This is my first huge music video it's amazing, I actually shot it in the same plane that they shot "Bridesmaids" in, Jake said of the flick.

And while the Kristen Wiig and the rest of the cast didn't leave anything on board, Jake definitely made sure to create his own memories on set, even if they were a bit embarrassing.

"There was a shot where a girl comes running into my arms and jumps in my arms -- and there were like little plants on the floor -- and I picked her up and we were twirling and I just fell," Jake said. "And she probably thought it was because she was too heavy and I felt so bad. I tripped over a little cactus or something."